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'OOKS'. Senior Art Director

'OOKS' is an ever growing children's brand. I work with the Zulleon Ltd team to develop the art style & brand vision from concept through to release of all ‘OOKS’ projects. Projects include:

- OOKS ‘What’s That Rumbling?'
- Colouring OOKS
- OOKS Rush
- OOKS Match 3
- OOKS Toy Box

Personalised Books:
- Created through the OOKS 'Whats That Rumbling' App and website

Board Games:
- OOKS Classic Games 5 in 1

- OOKS StoryStuff (Available in Smyths Toys)

Animated Shorts:
- 22 x 2 min episodes

OOKS Apparel:
- Hoodies, t-shirts, bags etc.

To see more work visit 

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